Ranting Global Resources


We are wholly owned Bumiputra company, starting off as a trading company
that served various market and services.


RGRSB was incorporated in 2009 is a wholly owned Bumiputra, starting off as a trading company that served various market and services.

We established to provide the necessary support to oil & gas industries sector in meeting the challenge of the rapidly expanding petroleum in Malaysia.

We are a trading company with access to multiple suppliers and manufacturers which enable offerings of competitive pricing, a broad choice of products and unparalleled service to its clients.

We lives and breathes to support its clients and every day, its primary responsibility is to maintain client relationships through constantly working together to serve the best interests of its family of clients.

We has over the years been flexible and adaptable to the changes in marine industry and also in oil & gas sectors by providing unique solutions to the needs of its clients towards achieving growth and stability.

We has built and maintained strong business relationships with its clients in and outside Malaysia and has witnessed rapid growth in the oil & gas sector in the region.


To be the supplier or contractor of choice to the regional oil and gas sector


To deliver our customers with safe, high quality and efficient service.
We aim for customer’s satisfaction.

To emphasize on continuous improvement and team work spirit
within the organization.

To be a profitable and successful organization.


Mechanical Static, Mechanical Rotating, Electrical And Instrumentation Product Supplies.

Agency products

Product Design, Fabrication Design, Manufacturing, Product Know How,
Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Maintenance And Technical Support